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aging (not so) gracefully

A look at my life as a young mom going through premature menopause

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Autoimmune Disease Awareness Month

It’s no coincidence that March is designated as both National Autoimmune Diseases Awareness and Women’s History Months. I thought I would...

Ever pee yourself just a little?

Urinary Incontinence - it's common, 1 in 4 women will experience it. We don't talk about it nearly enough, let's normalize things women...

What I wish I knew about my fertility

I wish I would’ve known about Modern Fertility when we started thinking about having kids. If I would have done Modern Fertility’s...

Let's Talk Estrogen

In females, it helps develop and maintain both the reproductive system and female characteristics. Estrogen contributes to cognitive...

It's Gettin' Hot In Here!

Looking back I was experiencing symptoms but not really realizing how they were connected and making every excuse for the symptoms I was...

Ready for vacation

We were ready for our 13 hour drive to Destin Florida for our family vacation. We were having family pictures taken on the most beautiful...

Getting a Second Opinion SURPRISE!

It was towards the end of June by the time I was able to get an appointment with another Fertility Doctor for a second opinion. I went in...

On My Last Eggs

If you're new here, I'll quickly catch you up. I went to my OBGYN's office due to my amenorrhea or lack of monthly period after coming...

Expanding our Family

It all started when we made the decision to expand our family. We had two amazing daughters, Cameron (4) and Charlotte (2) but didn't...

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